What we do

What We Do

As a MICE expert, we focus on delivering tailor-made solutions to our clients each and every time.

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Bringing People Together

As we know the importance of business and company relations, we can help our clients bring their best to the table. There are many ways to do that, but the secret lies in finding the one solution that fits our client’s nature and goals. And we have always been able to find it.

Conferences & Congresses

Timing Is Everything

Time is precious and every word has a meaning. That is why we find our work on conferences & congresses to be so important. Everything needs to run like clockwork, and with the right support and a flexible team, we always manage to achieve this.


Let Yourself Be Inspired

The best way to connect people and motivate them is to understand them. That is why every incentive is a new, thrilling challenge for our team of experts. Whether it is a large Corporate Incentive or an Individual Incentive suitable for couples, families or small groups, a carefully designed Incentive program is always a great way to show appreciation and bring a little joy.


Getting Everything Right in the Right Place

With our knowledge of how to organize events and our understanding of people’s needs, we always manage to bring the best experience and emotions to the right place at the right time. Our goal is to share our know-how and tools with our clients.

Business Travel

Bringing You the World

So many places to go, people to see, deals to make… Time is money, and we are ready to save you both. Our team of professionals is always searching for new Business Travel solutions and developing them in order to make your trip as efficient as possible. With us, even a business trip can be fun!

Leisure Travel

Pamper Yourself

An escape from the daily routine or just the need to switch off and unwind? The sound of the sea, the quiet of the mountains, the bustle of the big city, adrenaline activities, discovery trips… Start enjoying yourself and leave the organizing to our professional team. With our years of experience, extensive contacts and wide-ranging portfolio of locations, we can always give our customers what they long for.

Our Services

We offer superior services in motivational, corporate and leisure travel.


Using our years of expertise, knowledge and excellent supplier relationships, we can help your company organize an event for your employees, business partners or clients. Define your objective, and we will create an event theme, organize the event and provide onsite management during the event. We will also prepare a special survey, so you can easily assess the success of your event.


We are destination management specialists with extensive experience in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. Our local offices are based in Prague, Budapest and Warsaw. We will gladly assist you with hotels, tour guides, coaches, transport, theatres, restaurants, events, hostesses, gifts and all other services you may need to arrange in Central Europe.

Business & Leisure
Travel Services

We have a dedicated department of trained specialists for our business and private clients to arrange flight tickets, train tickets, car rental, insurance, visas, hotel accommodation, tours, excursions and other services. Our professionals will manage all the details of your trip, so you can focus on business or simply enjoy your vacation.

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