Spain – Andalusia 2017


This summer, Senator Meetings & Incentives organised a stylish one-week stay at the seaside in sunny Andalusia for our prominent client. The program we prepared for the 65 participants was truly filled with experiences. We started it off with a half-day trip to Cádiz, the oldest city still standing in Southwestern Europe. The tour of the ancient city ended with a tasting of the excellent and very popular local sherry wine. The region is dotted with wine cellars and we would not truly experience Andalusia without visiting at least one of the so-called bodegas or “wine temples”.

The guests could enjoy a half-day boat trip, of course, and what would a trip to Andalusia be like if we did not visit Seville, the capital of Andalusia. In Seville, the participants enjoyed many interesting places. One of the most interesting was certainly the largest cathedral in Spain and the third largest in Europe, built on the site of the Great Mosque. We all felt as if we were inside a fairy tale on the picturesque Plaza de España, which boasts magnificent architecture, many quaint bridges, lakes and palaces with arcades. In short, this trip was unforgettable! 😊

During the following free days, our guests immensely enjoyed sunny Andalusia. Beautiful long beaches, the warm and clear sea, hot evenings with wine, dancing and local specialities – an amazing beginning to the summer. Andalusia is certainly worth a visit!