Indian Summer in Andalusia


For our regular customer, Senator organised a trip to Andalusia, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Spanish regions.  There is nothing better you can do to discover the real fishing culture and typical Malagenean cuisine than to visit the Estepona fishing port with a guide.  There, our customers could see the everyday process of catching small fish and seafood.  They enjoyed the amazing experience of a beach dinner of grilled sardines, called “Espetos”, which is the traditional way of cooking freshly-caught sardines, but also other sea fish and seafood.

For the following day, we organised a trip to Ronda, where we visited the bullfighting ring – the oldest in Spain, and definitely worth seeing.  Our next steps led us to Puente Nuveo – an 18th century bridge towering 100 m above a canyon floor, and offering unique views. After allowing ourselves a bit of free time, we took to the best winery in the region from which we enjoyed breath-taking views of the Serrania de Ronda mountains.

The trip to the picturesque Andalusia was a great success, and we at Senator are already looking forward to our next travels with our customers.